Edit on GitHubRobot is a simple cross-platform library designed to facilitate the development of system automation software. The library works by abstracting away all platform-specific differences into a single, robust API compatible with most desktop operating systems. The API is available in both C++ and Node flavors and supports Windows, Mac and some distributions of Linux. Robot is production-proven with no additional dependencies, it is powerful enough to be the primary tool for many professionals yet simple enough for learning and experimentation.


  • General

    • Support for 32 and 64-bit systems
    • Vast and feature-rich helper library
    • Access to native monotonic clocks
    • Clipboard manipulation capabilities
  • Input

    • Keyboard and mouse event synthesis
    • Async key and mouse state retrieval
  • Process

    • Enumerate and query
      • System windows
      • System processes
      • Process modules
      • Module segments
    • Manipulate processes and windows
    • Access to low-level system handles
  • Memory

    • Enumerate and query memory regions
    • Set memory region access attributes
    • Manipulate the memory of a process
    • Advanced memory caching algorithms
    • General purpose signature scanning
  • Screen

    • Enumerate and query system screens
    • Screen and window image capturing
    • Windows Aero manipulation capabilities