Edit on GitHubRobot supports all three major desktop operating systems including Linux, Mac, and Windows. However, even though the API is identical across all these platforms, certain implementations differ. Please consult the API documentation for more information regarding these differences. Below are tables representing the operating systems Robot has been tested on, other operating systems may also be supported.


Name Version Architecture Compiler
Ubuntu 12.04 x32/x64 g++ 4.9+
Ubuntu 14.04 x32/x64 g++ 4.9+

Other distributions and versions may also be supported


Name Version Architecture Compiler
Mountain Lion 10.8 x64 clang++ 5.1+
Mavericks 10.9 x64 clang++ 5.1+
Yosemite 10.10 x64 clang++ 5.1+
El Capitan 10.11 x64 clang++ 5.1+


Name Version Architecture Compiler
Vista 6.0 x32/x64 VS 2010+
7 6.1 x32/x64 VS 2010+
8 6.2 x32/x64 VS 2010+
8.1 6.3 x32/x64 VS 2010+
10 10.0 x32/x64 VS 2010+